6 years to Agenda 2030... 😱

Do you think the world will be safer, more inclusive, and fairer for women, persons with disabilities, and poorer youth? Tell us what you think below 

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Our mission is to  Amplify Voices Of Traditionally Marginalised Populations like women in rural areas, persons with disabilities and  at risk gender minorities and youth in slums.

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We are a grassroots based movement from founded in 2020 to advocate for gender equality, digital rights , disability inclusion and amplify voices of at risk populations 

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Changing  the world one step at a time.

Adolescent Girls And Young Women in Policy Making at grassroots level 

We trained 240 girls and young women on how to use policy as a tool to end gender based violence. Later these women and girls went ahead and proposed a policy to end gender based violence that was later accepted as a policy at local assembly.

Global Youth Mobilisation Accelerator Project On Mental health 

Through support from Global Youth Mobilisation, we trained 2500 victims and survivors of gender based violence on pro bono basis on how to legally handle the justice of gender based violence done on them. We further assisted 100 victims and survivors of gender based violence on mental health healing therapies.

Victims and Survivors Rescue project 

We are currently rescuing victims and survivors of gender based violence in vulnerable scenarios and or at risk setups. Please get in touch 

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