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Shaping our future

We believe that people who are most affected by climate change , human rights abuses , gender insecurities, internet shutdowns and other inequalities should be at the frontline of creating social change. 

We therefore advocate for grassroots based solutions that are initiated and managed by traditionally marginalized populations like women and girls in rural and urban poor areas, persons with disabilities, gender minorities  and of course the youth,

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Its Possible To Achieve A Fairer , Safer  And More Inclusive World For All by 2023 .

Malika Brian , Founder 

Founder is founded One More Percent in 2020. He believes in the design thinking process as a pathway to ensuring that solutions are people centered. 

Maimuna, Community Liaison  

In order to connect better girls and young between 15-24 years, we introduce Maimuna who serves as  community liaison person. She comes on board with great strategies to engage girls with disabilities as well as those in rural and slum-based setups

Betty, Head of Inclusion And Overall Management

To serve our mandate of amplifying the voices of traditionally marginalized women including those with disabilities, Betty was appointed   as Head of organization going forward.