COP 28 Is over. Here Is our Resolution

Heading forward ...

As COP 28 ends , we demand African Heads of State to : Step up, show vision, represent the interests of Africa and Africans, and lead.

 That means: Stop funding the catastrophic destruction of our climate by putting an end to costly and destructive fossil fuel subsidies .

Follow through on the commitment to operationalize loss and damage financed from existing funding arrangements with a focus on addressing loss and damage in Africa and other developing countries.

Act to protect the socio-economic and historical significance of most African coastal states and our island nations as they are already facing the negative consequences of the climate crisis.

Move to prevent the loss of biodiversity in all spheres (marine and terrestrial), which is exacerbating the current climate crisis.

Act decisively to protect carbon sinks, like peatlands and the pristine Congo Basin Forest from deforestation and oil exploration.

 Divert from offsetting and false carbon market and biodiversity credit solutions.

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One More Percent, Media Team December 21, 2023
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