We Stand Up For LGBTI + People in ongoing War Within DRC

Congolese army has been fighting an armed rebel group called M23. More than half a million people have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety.

LGBT+ people are disproportionately affected. People blame us for instigating the war. They think the conflict is a result of "God's anger" against queer people and that we hinder a "divine intervention" to end the war.

Many of the camps and relief stations for those of us who have been forced out of our homes do not accept LGBT+ people. If they do, we're still at risk of transphobic and homophobic violence.

The only place we can turn to is Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko, one of the few organizations providing emergency support to LGBT+ individuals fleeing the conflict and massacres. They're offering shelter, medicine, food, and other urgent support to those in need. But they are running out of funds. We call for partners to come on board quickly before the situation goes out of contro

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One More Percent, Media Team April 23, 2024
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